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    Zio Ziegler.

    Hayes Valley in San Francisco, CA

    See other art by Zio Ziegler: http://www.streetartsf.com/tag/zio-ziegler/

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    Ziostreet art

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    Zeus40 at “True Skills” feat:
    Milan 2014’


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spray at hack und lack in minden


    spray at hack und lack in minden

    SprayGraffitistreet art

  4. newsweek:

    From breathtaking murals spanning entire buildings in Poland to gorgeous calligraffiti (a mix of graffiti and typography) in remote corners of Tunisia, Google Cultural Institute’s new Street Art Project, which launched June 10, aims to capture art from the streets before it disappears forever.

    The vast collection, which features over 5,000 works of art, is organized by artist, location, style and medium. The street art world map is entirely populated with images chosen by curators at 30 partnering cultural organizations in 15 different countries, including Palais de Tokyo, São Paulo Street Art and the Museum of the City of New York. In addition to mapping photos of current works, the Street Art Project provides documentation of work that is closed to the public or no longer exists. For instance, there is an entire collection devoted to the preservation of Long Island City graffiti mecca 5Pointz, which was whitewashed late last year by the building’s owners. 

    MORE: World’s Street Art Finds Its Gallery With Google

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  5. 16 Ave, San Francisco

    16 Ave, San Francisco

    San Francisco16 AveStreet Art

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    street art

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